Les Ballets Bubenicek

Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek Les Ballets Bubenicek


Mittelfest: the places

Mittelfest takes place in the beautiful setting of Cividale, a city with an illustrious past and so rich in art treasures that it has been recently awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Cividale is one of the “pearls” of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region where the main European cultures merge into each other, a melting pot of Latin, Slavic, Germanic peoples.
History has left fascinating footprints, from Aquileia that was called the “Second Rome” to the sparkling traces of the Serenissima like the amazing fortress city of Palmanova, the imposing Villa Manin in Passariano, or the magnificent Piazza della Libertà in Udine. But there are also the intriguing Central European atmospheres of Trieste and Gorizia and the still intact scenarios of the most terrible battles of the Great War. A border region, a treasure to be discovered, castles, palaces, cities and a landscape ranging from the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the charms of the Adriatic lagoons. All this in a little more than 100 km.
The cuisine, very tasty, is an incomparable mix of Central European traditions and wines from its ten DOC areas are recognized, since decades, as a must of the oenology world. Mittelfest is a great opportunity, not to be missed, to visit this Italian gem, projected towards the East, where culture is combined with a pleasant, relaxing, and friendly environment.



Piazza Duomo, Saturday 19 July, 22.00


gala di danza con Jiří e Otto Bubeníček

e con
Iana Salenko, Arsen Mehrabyan, Katherina Markowskaja, Jon Vallejo, Francesco Pio Ricci, Duosi Zhu, Raquel Martinez, Michael Tucker, Dominik Strobl e Fabio Antoci

primi ballerini e solisti all’Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier, SemperOper Ballett, Royal Swedish Ballet, Bayerische Staatsoper Ballett, StaatsBallett Berlin
in collaborazione con International Music and Arts



Le Souffle de l’Esprit - musiche di Bach, Hoffstetter, Pachelbel, coreografia Jiří Bubeníček, 25min
Toccata - musiche di Otto Bubeníček, coreografia Jiří Bubeníček, 24min
Torque (Tourning point) - musiche di Lajkó Félix, coreografia Dominik Strobl, 7min
Les Indomptés - musiche di Wim Mertens, Claude Brumachon, 9min


„To Olga and Marie“

Music: J. S. Bach, Roman Hoffstetter, Johann Pachelbel, Otto Bubeníček
Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Costumes and Stage design, video: Otto Bubeníček
Light design: Fabio Antoci (Martin Gebhardt)
Dancers: Solo men: Otto Bubeníček, Jiří Bubeníček, Jón Vallejo
Solo Girls: Raquel Martinez, Duosi Zhu
Girls: Katherina Markowskaja, Anna Merkulova
Boys: Arsen Mehrabyan, Michael Tucker, Francesco Pio Ricci


„To Ilona“

Music: Otto Bubeníček
Choreography: Jiří Bubeníček
Costumes: Otto Bubeníček
Lighting: Jiří Bubeníček, Fabio Antoci
Dancers: Iana Salenko, Katherina Markowskaja, Duosi Zhu,
Jiří Bubeníček, Jon Vallejo, Arsen Mehrabyan, Michael Tucker

(Tourning point)

Music: Lajkó Félix
Choreography: Dominik Strobl
Dancer: Dominik Strobl
Lighting: Fabio Antoci


Music: Wim Mertens
Choreography:Claude Brumachon
Dancers: Jiří Bubeníček, Otto Bubeníček







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